About Bitcorn Battle

Bitcorn Battle is a game built on the excellent Bitcorns game. For this reason, to play Bitcorn Battle game, you must have a Bitcorn farm. If you don't have one yet, the quickest way to get started is to buy CROPS tokens directly from the Bitcorns site using a credit card. You'll want to use a Counterparty-aware wallet to hold these CROPS - because hodling them is how you get quarterly harvests of Bitcorn.
The purpose of this game is to use your Bitcorn farm to kick the crap out of other farms. Any questions?
The main obstacle to getting started, once you have a Bitcorn farm, is proving you own the farm. This is required in order to attack. Otherwise just enjoy checking out the leaderboard or reading further.
Requirements to Battle:
  1. You must own a named Bitcorn farm
  2. You need 1 or more BATTLECORN
  3. You need at least one other card
  4. Magic helps
To prove you own a Bitcorn farm, choose your farm from the dropdown menu. If it's not listed there, you probably don't meet the arbitrary requirements:
Getting Started - the first step is the hardest. Choose your farm by name, then use your wallet's Sign Message feature by pasting it in and signing it, then copying and pasting back into the form on the homepage. In Counterwallet you can do it by following the steps shown in this video. Here is an image depicting how to sign a message in the Counterwallet.

Start a Battle - You will choose your first victim from this page. Displayed are all the farms with a similar number of cards. Cards are a key to attacking strength of your farm. Farm customization is the other main key to succeeding in battle. More about both of these later.
Once you choose a victim, you can see an estimate of how strong your farm is relative to the other. This estimate is fairly accurate but does not account for a builtin randomness factor. If you want to choose another opponent, go ahead and do so now.

Battle basics -
  • Farmers can only attack using their own farm; that's why we require message signing.
  • In battle a random conflict is chosen and the outcome is calculated.
  • Wins and Losses will be tracked on leaderboard for bragging rights. Maybe more.
  • Farms get power by things like belonging to a coop, having custom art & location.
  • Cards give power as well, in varying amounts. See details below.
The game shows you choices of farms to attack based on your farm's strength. Farms that are much weaker than yours will not be available to attack.
Battle Cards -
  • crop strength - fundamentals like caring for the soil, using good seeds, investing in irrigation systems count here
  • pest defense - prevent Bitcorn from being eaten by insects, viruses, animals
  • harvesting stamina - using modern equipment and efficient techniques to harvest and get product to market quickly, having enough helpers when crops are ready
  • dankness - if you don't know you have it - you don't!

What Kind of Battles? - A battle consists of some dangerous event that does damage to Bitcorn crops. Associated with each event will be a specific set of cards that increase damage done to the defender's farm, or decreases damage done to attacker farm.

Having strong cards and a dank farm will help you no matter what challenging scenario comes up. There is an element of randomness in each battle, so you can never predict with certainty what the outcomes will be, but the estimates given are usually good indicators.

Strategy Notes - Incentives are designed to be aligned with the underlying Bitcorn game:
  • cards contribute to one of either strength, defense, or stamina ... and possibly dankness so farmers benefit by hodling more cards
  • no benefit given for quantity of a given card, so there is no incentive for issuing or hoarding large quantities
  • number of CROPS held is not a factor since it would unfairly advantage those farmes who began in the first few days
  • instead of CROPS, the number of harvests is a key factor to a farm's stamina to reward early adopters, but not by too much - starting today means you're only down by one harvest
  • bribes accepted! send me one of a card that you designed and I will increase power of that card

Localization - We built Bitcorn Battle to be simple to play in a variety of languages. Currently supported languages are English and Japanese, but more can be easily added. The only thing we need is help translating a few dozen strings of text!

We plan to make some battle scenarios from different countries and cultures as well, and welcome all suggestions. Naturally since we are not fluent in lots of languages, we really appreciate any feedback about poor translations or suggestions about the game. Enjoy your battles!

Features Wishlist - Definitely have these on wishlist, and some others under consideration:
  • tournament! seems like a good idea right?
  • reward top farm on the leaderboard every harvest cycle & reset
  • coop battles!!!
  • suggest something - let us know your great ideas!
  • feedback - bitcornbattleom