2020-06-07 Korn Jam attacked by FrogVision and LOST
2019-07-19 Corn Tariffs attacked by Bitnakorn and LOST
2019-01-28 Bitcorn Koan attacked by Corn Islands 🌴 and LOST
2018-12-23 Asteroid Farming attacked by Cooper Farm and LOST
2018-12-21 Ethanol Ban attacked by Botcorn Farmware 0.17 and LOST
2018-06-27 Tornado Strikes attacked by Amazing Bob and LOST
2018-06-17 Chemical Spill attacked by Cornucopia and LOST
2018-06-16 Corn Borer Invasion attacked by Cornucopia and LOST
2018-06-11 Corn Smut attacked by 玉蜀黍の応援 and WON
2018-06-04 Corn Blight attacked by NO CROPPER and WON