2019-09-15 Corn Earworms attacked by Cooper Farm and LOST
2019-09-05 Corn Bandits attacked SCREAMING SUN and WON
2019-09-05 Rats! attacked Cornputer Labs- ROB THIS FARM and WON
2019-09-05 Ear Rot attacked Boris Bitcorn Farm and WON
2019-07-13 Zombie Corn attacked Na, field of dreams is tight and LOST
2019-07-13 Ear Rot attacked SWINGO-Farm and LOST
2019-07-13 CORNy Joke Bots attacked Pepeific Garbage Patch Farm and LOST
2019-07-11 Corn Earworms attacked Despacito Dairy Farms and LOST
2019-07-11 Corn Fight Club attacked The Corn Hub and LOST
2019-07-11 Korn Jam attacked Genesis Farm and LOST